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Leaders Who Last:
Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry
Tuesday, March 25 (6 pm supper) to Thursday, March 27 (1 pm)
Is church leadership a recipe for burnout?  How can leaders last?  In this retreat Margaret Marcuson will show how leaders can make a difference while sustaining themselves through the ups and downs of church life.


Thereís a way to approach ministry thatís sustainable: leaders can learn to focus on themselves and the resources they bring to their leadership rather than trying harder to help, fix or change others.


This retreat will show how leaders can make a difference while sustaining themselves through the ups and downs of church life. It will help leaders become more thoughtful about the challenges they face and respond with more clarity, calm and creativity as they move forward together.


When leaders know themselves, know their purpose and know their context, ministry can prosper. This presentation will enhance leadersí understanding in these three key areas, making their work of leadership easier and more effective. 

Rev. Margaret Marcuson works with churches who want to create a ministry that lasts and clergy who want to have more impact on the people they serve best. She speaks and writes on leadership and works with church leaders in the U.S. and Canada as a consultant and coach. Margaret is the author of Leaders who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry and Money and Your Ministry: Balance the Books While Keeping Your Balance (forthcoming). A student of Edwin Friedman, she has taught since 1999 in the Leadership in Ministry workshop, a family systems training program for clergy. Margaret was the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Gardner, Massachusetts, for 13 years. She lives in Portland, Oregon.  www.margaretmarcuson.com
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Investment in Learning:  $395  (subsidized by Saskatchewan Conference)

Decision Day:  March 3






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