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Presiding at Funerals &
Ministering to the Bereaved

Friday, February 7 (6 pm supper) to Sunday, February 9 (1 pm)

We find ourselves standing on holy ground each time we accompany a grieving family through a process of creating and offering a Celebration of Life, Funeral, Memorial, or Graveside Service.  This program focuses on assisting lay people as well as ministers in developing their gifts in offering funeral ministry, and supports a team ministry approach to this important work.

We will explore, learn, and reflect upon:

·        Phases of bereavement and emotions of grief

·        Pastoral care skills in meeting a family’s needs

·        Resources and processes for creating services that reflect our theology & meet the varying needs of families

·        The need for self-care

·        Pastoral Charge funeral policies that support lay ministry

Participants are encouraged to arrange a tour of a Funeral Home prior to coming to this session, and to bring a copy of their church’s funeral policy.

Marg Janick-Grayston, program staff, has worked with Pastoral Charges to create ministry teams that respond to families requesting compassionate support. Velda Dahlin, is a lay person who works as part of a team on the Norquay Pastoral Charge in offering ministry to the bereaved and presiding at funerals.

Investment in Learning:  $275

Decision Day: January 27





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