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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Monday, September 29 - Meet Hotel Mendez Nunez, Lugo. 
Arrive at hotel/Explore the city own your own.  Welcome supper (Time TBD/Cost of supper not included.)

Day 2: Tuesday, September 30 - Peruscallo to Gonzar 
At 10 am, we will meet our Spanish Steps guide in the center of Lugo, a fascinating Galician city east of Santiago de Compostela. Our Spanish Steps tour guide will remain with us while we are on the El Camino trail.  From Lugo there will be a 40-minute drive south to where we begin our trek near the town of Sarria. This final 100 kilometers, is the most popular section of the 800 kilometer trail. One of the great joys of walking the Camino will not only be the stunning landscapes you take in, but also the variety of people you meet. Join pilgrims from all over the world, all walks of life.  We’ll walk through the village of Portomarin and have lunch. In the afternoon, we’ll continue to the  Hamlet of Gonzar and shuttle to a beautiful country manor house, CASA do Campo.  (22 kilometers) 

Day 3: Wednesday, October 1 - Gonzar to Coto  
From Gonzar, we’ll follow a country road leading us to Palas de Rei, Palace of the King named after an 8th century Visigoth king who once ruled the lands. After a lunch in Palas, we continue through the villages  and farms until we reach Coto where we slumber in for a good night rest at Casa de la Samoza.   (24 kilometers)

Day 4: Thursday, October 2 - Coto to Casteneda
We continue our walk out the front door of the hotel.  In the town of Melide you’ll want to sample the Pulpo Gallego from one of the local “pulporias” and sip a glass of Galician white wine. After a visit of this Camino town, we’ll continue walking until we reach Castenada where pilgrims would carry a block of limestone from the quarries of Triacastela and leave it at the mill to be ground into mortar to be used in the cathedral in Santiago. That night we will stay at Pazo de Sedor.  (15 kilometers)

Day 5: Thursday, October 3 - Casteneda to Alto Sta Irene (Touro)
From our manor home, we’ll  continue our walk through farming villages and bucolic landscapes to the town of  Arzua where its dairy industry is famous for the creamy cow cheese, Tetilla, made in the shape of a woman’s breast. From Arzua, the walk is dotted with small hamlets hidden within tall eucalyptus forests and behind moss covered stone walls. Villages named Rua, Calzada and Calle all refer to the word road, recognizing that this pilgrimage trail has been leading pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela for centuries.  From el Alto de Santa Irene, we head south to a beautiful manor home, named Pazo Andeade, which has been in the same family for over 300 years.   (18 kilometers)

Day 6: Saturday, October 4 - Sta Irene to Lavacolla 
From Alto de Santa Irene, we continue the Camino to the town of  Lavacolla where we sleep in a hotel (Hotel Xacobeo) only 12 kilometers from Santiago.  Lavacolla is a place where pilgrims would wash themselves in the shallow stream before entering Santiago. (12 kilometers)

Day 7: Sunday, October 5 – Lavacolla to Santiago de Compostela 
En route, just 4 kilometers before Santiago, is Monte del Gozo, Mount Joy, our first glimpse of the towers of the cathedral. Tradition claims that if you were the first one in your group to sight the church towers, you could officially change your name to King (Rey, Leroy, Le Roi). Our Camino walking journey ends at the steps of the cathedral today. (12 kilometers)   We’ll have a guided tour of the city this evening with a local historian.

Day 8, Monday, October 6 - Tour End – Buen Camino and Depart after lunch for Guest House (Day 7 w/ Spanish Steps)    
Tour is officially over with Spanish Steps at 10
am.  Coach transportation from Santiago to Punta de Couso Guest House.  Supper included at guest house.

Day 9: Tuesday, October 7 - Punta de Couso
Full day at Guest House/Rest, relax,  explore as you choose on your own.

Day 10: Wednesday, October 8 - Punta de Couso Guest House
Half-day excursion

Day 11: Thursday, October 9 - Punta de Couso Guest House
Half-day excursion

Day 12: Friday, October 10 - Depart Punta de Couso via coach to Santiago  
Pilgrimage ends.

*This itinerary may change slightly due to accommodation availability, rain, festivals and spontaneous side trips.





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