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Places of Interest in and around
Centro Punta de Couso

Two half-day excursions to nearby beaches, islands or other places of interest are planned.  Below is a short listing of possible half-day excursions during your stay.  

Surrounded by the ocean and ocean views, the nearest beach is a five minute walk and there are several more, the farthest is only 15 minutes walk.

Centro Punta Couso is located at the end of the Morrazo Peninsula. Possible points of interest to visit or for excursions:

     Santiago de Compostela (approximately 1.45 hours by car, by bus and train, walk)

     Cies and Ons Atlantic Islands National Park, boats from Vigo, Cangas and Bueu

     Cape Home with 3 lighthouses and beach Melide (southern point Morrazo Peninsula, 20 minutes 2 hours by car or on foot along the coast)

     Monte Facho, excavations of a Romano-Celtic shrine (just before Cape Home, 20 minutes by car and 15 minute walk, spectacular views)

     The cruceiro of Hío to 10 minute drive. The most beautiful cruceiro Galicia

     Santa Tecla, La Guardia: petroglyphs, excavation of a Celtic people, spectacular views of the coast, the river Minho and Portugal (1.15 minute drive, beautiful way between Bayonne and the Coast Guard)

     Valenca (Portugal): historic fortress town, in front of Tuy in Galicia, separated by the river Minho, Spain-Portugal border

     Spas: Bayonne, Caldas del Rey, Mondariz, etc. and wells in the countryside in Ourense and many more places in Galicia and on the border with Portugal

     Apart from beaches within walking distance from the center there are 30 beaches in Morrazo Peninsula. The nearest are Brava Area, Nerga and Barra (nudist), Santa Marta, Menduiña, etc.





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