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Calling Lakes Centre Policies

Privacy and Personal Information

Calling Lakes Centre is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information. Personal Information is collected, used, maintained and disclosed in compliance with The United Church of Canada Privacy Policy and applicable federal and provincial privacy legislation.


All buildings at Calling Lakes Centre are smoke free.  This includes the guest lodges.  There are designated outside smoking areas.  Guests who smoke are asked to respect the needs of other guests by using only the designated areas for smoking, by moving away from building entrances when smoking, and by disposing of cigarette butts in the marked containers provided.

Scent Sensitive/Allergy Policy

Many of the people who attend events or meetings at Calling Lakes Centre are allergic to the materials found in colognes and perfumes and highly scented soaps and cleansers.  The reactions vary from breathing difficulties to migraine headaches.  Therefore, Calling Lakes Centre asks all staff and guests to be especially careful about any use of scents.  It is preferable to use as little scent as possible.

Calling Lakes Centre also continues to explore its use of cleaning products and is committed to avoiding products that are highly scented.


For the comfort of persons with allergies we ask you to leave pets at home, or inquire about local kennel facilities at the administration office.

Sexual Abuse Policy

Sexual abuse is any attempt or exercise of power to coerce an unwilling person into a sexual relationship, to subject a person to unwanted sexual attention, to punish a refusal to comply, or to reward compliance.  Sexual abuse may be a single incident or a series of incidents involving a wide range of behaviours such as verbal innuendo, subtle suggestions, overt demands, and/or inappropriate conduct of a sexual nature.

It is the policy of Calling Lakes Centre that it will not tolerate any behaviour by any of its staff or program leaders which constitutes sexual abuse of any other member of staff or program participant.  Complaints of sexual abuse shall be taken seriously by the Centre and shall be dealt with in a spirit of compassion and justice and consistent with the policies and procedures currently used by The United Church of Canada.



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