Calling Lakes and rEvolve
~ the Tour

Many of you will have heard the marvelous musical group, rEvolve, who have led music at Saskatchewan Conference and General Council meetings. Calling Lakes Centre and rEvolve have been discussing the possibility of combining our areas of expertise and working together on a Tour to take place in March or April 2010.

rEvolve is an emerging resource for spirited music in worship and concert settings. Their repertoire includes folk favourites, music for children, United Church sing-along favourites, original new music, Taize, improvisation, vocal, rhythm and chant and more.

We envision rEvolve traveling to various locations in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, putting on a concert and/or workshop and/or providing worship leadership in a pastoral charge setting. We expect that the group would draw people from a considerable distance from your town. Calling Lakes will fill the role of tour manager, making all the necessary arrangements for the rEvolve performances/workshops. As well, Calling Lakes will have a presence at each concert and will bring news & information from the Centre.

What about your congregation?? If you are interested in exploring the possibility of booking rEolve for your area, please be in touch with Linda Anderson. 

Wondering how the tour went? Check out this article from the Spring 2010 Echo.

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