Courage to Lead
~ Circle of Trust Retreat ~

Participants involved in our recent "Courage to Lead Circle of Trust Retreat" experienced a breathing space from their busy lives and were encouraged to take time to connect with the inner wisdom that helps one lead with vitality, clarity and groundedness. This retreat led by Caryl Hurtig Casbon (director of the Courage to Lead for Clergy and Congregational Leaders) and United Church clergy Bruce Sweet, is rooted in the belief that effective service and leadership flows from the identity and integrity of each person, and focuses on helping people learn to listen to themselves and to each other in communal spaces in a way that invites the voice of the soul to be heard.

During the retreat, many new insights were often evoked as participants were invited to reflect upon poems like "Fire" that spoke to them about the inner landscape of their lives.


What makes a fire burn

is space between the logs,

a breathing space.

Too much of a good thing,

too many logs

packed too tight

can douse the flames

almost as surely

as a pail of water would.

So building fires

requires attention

to the spaces in between,

as much as to the wood.

When we are able to build

open spaces

in the same way

we have learned

to pile on the logs,

then we can come to see how

it is fuel, and absence of fuel

together, that makes fire possible.

We only need to lay a log

lightly from time to time.

A fire


simply because the space is there,

with openings

in which the flame

that knows just how it wants to burn

can find its way.

~ Judy Brown


Interested in participating in a Circle of Trust retreat?
A Series of Seasonal Retreats is starting at Calling Lakes Centre in October 2009.

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