Mind-Expanding, Hope-Giving Event

I attended the event, June 18-20, called "Our Cosmic Sacred Story" with Diarmuid O’Murchu, an Irish Roman Catholic with a wonderful brogue, an amazing mind and a gentle spirit.

O’Murchu, the author of books such as "Quantum Theology", "Evolutionary Faith", and "Catching Up with Jesus", brings a wealth of scientific knowledge, as well as a grasp of humanity’s spiritual quest down through the ages, to the questions that many of us are wrestling with these days: Whose "truth" can one trust? Does science rob the human story of meaning or enhance that meaning? Do human beings hold a unique place in the scheme of things or are we simply one part of the great drama of life on this planet? Where does the Jesus story fit into the wide array of religious beliefs? Is he in any way unique, even "divine", or is he a "prototype" of what it means to be truly human?

O’Murchu engages one in a positive, mind-expanding and hope-giving exploration of such questions and so I feel that this was the best event I’ve been to at the Centre in a long time.

~ Bill Wall

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