Reflections... on my First Official
Event as Program Coordinator/Staff
~ Marg Janick-Grayston

Friday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m., I found myself seated in a circle with 22 other people welcoming them to Calling Lakes, and letting them know that I was so excited that they were participating in the very first event that I was officially responsible for as a staff person at the Centre. Thatís when my team facilitator pointed to a bouquet of flowers sitting on the piano, and mentioned that my "sweetie" had even sent me the beautiful bouquet to celebrate the occasion and to let me know how glad he was that I was here. Well, for me that was one of many significant highlights over the weekend.

I felt a sense of wonderment as people gathered for the event, some renewing obvious friendships formed over the years, and others entering conversations with folks they had never crossed paths with as they began to settle in to the new environment.

Later, as we introduced ourselves around the circle, I was filled with awe as the vast diversity of spiritual practices that sustained people in their living unfolded revealing interfaith ministries, United Church, Lutheran and Salvation Army backgrounds.

And I felt like celebrating when, near the close of the weekend, I heard several people comment on how they had such a "blast" working with others from vast theological perspectives, and had been able to find common ground so quickly as they worked together on particular exercises. It was wonderful to witness the learnings and new connections people made with each other that came about through conversations together in such a welcoming and sacred space.

As I turn my attention back to the colourful bouquet of flowers that is still blooming on my office table, I am reminded that it is the diverse variety of flowers that makes it so beautiful, and it was the diversity of people that made the experience of my first official event so memorable, and I think to myself, "Yes, I am glad to be here too."

Marg's first official event: Presiding at Funerals & Ministering to the Bereaved: A Weekend for Lay People

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