Our Staff Team

As a way of introducing ourselves, we thought we would tell you what inspires and energizes us in our work at the Centre.

Dennis Burley (Buildings & Grounds): New challenges and familiar tasks are all part of the Centre. Iím very happy to be part

of the staff team that share in the day to day commitment to the Centreís future.

Debra Brown (Communications Coordinator): I value the commitment to spiritual and personal growth of the people who come to and work at the Centre. Our interactions provide a continual source of diversity, inspiration and challenge.

Joanne Laslo (Lead Staff Housekeeping & Kitchen): Teamwork is what makes Calling Lakes Centre what it is. Itís rich past history inspires me to be involved, go above and beyond the call of duty, and ensure the future of the Centre by being a part of the team today.

Linda Anderson (Director & Program Staff): Having the greatest job imaginable IS energizing. I love connecting with people Ė fellow workers, both staff and volunteer; United Church people in Saskatchewan and beyond; Directors and staff at the other Centres who are understanding and supportive. These interdependent connections give me glimpses of the Divine, moving in us and in our world.

Marleen Naumetz (Food Services Coordinator): Being part of a team with persons who share in my challenges and triumphs, I feel supported in the day-to-day events of my work.

Marg Janick-Grayston (Program Coordinator / Program Staff): As I work with staff and volunteers to coordinate, plan, facilitate, and evaluate programs I find myself energized by:


The teamís supportive nature and deep love for the Centre


A work environment that honours creativity, experiential learning processes, and deep exploration of spirituality


The ebb and flow of spirit-filled, enthusiastic participants who form welcoming community as they gather together, enriching each otherís lives with their presence.

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