Lay Worship Leaders' program

Creating Community from Diversity

Twenty-four individuals from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia completed the sixth Lay Worship Leadership course in May, 2007. During our time together (six weekends over two years) we grew in our awareness of each other and ourselves. We made complex and life-giving connections. Our backgrounds were as varied as our geography, but in the end we were aware of the creation of a strong, Christ-centered community.

Linda Wilson of Ridgedale, Saskatchewan was the twenty-fifth member of our group. Her death, part way through our second year, touched us all. Linda was a tiny woman with a big spirit. She lived a deep and steadfast faith. In her memory, we created a quilt for Calling Lakes Centre. It also represents the symbolic "footprint" left by the group.

About The Quilt
There are seven blocks in this quilt representing the time we spent together as a group and the lives we lived during the two years we were together. The center of each block was formed by repeatedly cutting a variety of "orphan" blocks apart and reconnecting them with scraps of material. This is a metaphor for our divergent backgrounds and experiences which came together in new and exciting ways as we formed community. Our Christian focus is represented by the red and green borders and the quilted Celtic (having no beginning or end point) crosses.

~ Pat Lyster

In Memory of Linda Wilson
Quilt placed by the 6
th Lay Worship Leaders’ group
Quilt accompanied by several program participants and leaders
(L to R): Pat Lyster, Tricia Challoner (above), Diane Schmidt (below), Donna Rumpel, Marg Janick-Grayston, Jim Tenford, Jennifer Thompson
(photo: Kathy Gudnason)


"Goes on the Road"
to Cambrian Presbytery

The Lay Worship Leaders program is no stranger to Calling Lakes Centre. In fact as I write this we are preparing to welcome the 7th group who will be making a commitment to this two year journey of learning and exploration at the Centre. What is new is that we are finalizing plans that will take this program all the way to Cambrian Presbytery in the Thunder Bay area.

The conversation began many months ago when Cambrian Presbytery approached Calling Lakes Centre to see if the idea might become a reality. There was a need for lay people to offer their worship leadership gifts in churches in the area and there were a number of people interested in taking the Lay Worship Leaders Course to gain skills and explore their own theology and spirituality at a greater depth. However, travelling to Calling Lakes Centre six times over a two year period to participate in the course would be an expensive and time consuming endeavour. It seemed more realistic to have a conversation about the possibility of having a program staff person from Calling Lakes Centre do the travelling, and co-facilitate the course with a person from the Cambrian area who had previously taken the course.

With the inspiration of Cambrian Presbytery and the enthusiasm of Calling Lakes Centre, we are now very close to getting this new program off the ground. From November 16-18 Christina Stricker of Thunder Bay and I will be facilitating the first weekend of the Lay Worship Leadership program being offered in the Cambrian Presbytery. The first event will be held at Trinity United Church in Thunder Bay with the possibility of the following 5 events being alternated between Kenora, Ontario and Thunder Bay, depending upon the geographical areas from which the participants are travelling.

This is an exciting new journey upon which we are about to embark and it models how working interdependently with a presbytery, we are able to respond to the needs of the church and bring an important program to a group of committed and enthusiastic participants.

~ Marg Janick-Grayston

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