James Henderson Painting SOLD!

Storm in the Qu'Appelle Valley (25 x 33 inches)

Henderson’s ‘Storm in the Qu’Appelle Valley’ (25 x 33 inches) conveys the power of nature as a thunderstorm approaches down the valley. In the many years since the painting was donated to Prairie Christian Training Centre, its value has increased greatly. The Centre is not really equipped to display and protect this piece of art and would like to sell it. We are happy to report that it has been purchased and will be soon going to it's new home (May2010).

To learn more about James Henderson, check out the McKenzie Art Gallery and their current exhibit: James Henderson: Wicite Owapi Wicasa: the man who paints the old men. This is a major exhibition of the portraits, landscape paintings, and commercial work of Scottish-born artist James Henderson, Saskatchewan’s pre-eminent first-generation artist. The exhibition runs May 1 to September 5 and even includes a tour of the Qu’Appelle Valley on June 12, visiting areas where Henderson painted.

We have had the painting refreshed/restored by Brenda Smith from the McKenzie Art Gallery and it is currently worth approximately $10,000.

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