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Designated Lay Ministry Program: Update

DLM Program Changes

Calling Lakes Centre is pleased to accept the sole responsibility for coordinating and managing the Designated Lay Ministry Diploma Program of The United Church of Canada. We have been working in partnership with Five Oaks Centre and the General Council Office to develop this fine program but all parties have agreed that, given the numbers of students anticipated to be in the Program in the foreseeable future,
it would be wise to place the Program in one Centre. Consolidation will mean that the Learning Circles will be
larger with an expanded consequent richness of differing understandings, questions and wisdom coming from a variety
of students. We will be considering the possibilities for a student travel pool in the future.

The position of DLM Coordinator at Calling Lakes will be expanded because of this consolidation. Thanks go to our current Coordinators, Catherine Barnsley for Calling Lakes Centre and Caryn Douglas for Five Oaks Centre, for the immense amount of quality work and love of learning that they have put into the development of the Program – both the curriculum and the underlying policies that form the foundation for it. Both Catherine and Caryn, for personal reasons, do not intend to apply for the new position, but both have expressed their ongoing support for the DLM Program. Catherine writes, "For the last 17 months, I have been grateful for the opportunity to work with creative colleagues at Calling Lakes Centre, Five Oaks Centre, and the General Council Office to lay the groundwork for the DLM program. My time with the DLM Program ends in June as I leave to pursue personal projects in my own life. The DLM program has rich potential as an educational program for United Church ministry, and I look forward to staying connected to the program in some manner."

Designated Lay Ministry Program Coordinator

We will be searching for a person who will administer and implement the DLM Program, building upon the work done in the past year in curriculum and policy development, communication with presbyteries and conferences, and planning for specific Learning Circles.

Read job advertisement here. Salary pro-rated for 75% position: $40,630 (including housing)

Second Learning Circle

Storytelling weaves its way through the second Learning Circle June 15-24 as DLM students explore leadership through the theme of "The Community’s Story". They will interview DLMs about their life stories searching for theological themes and stories of vocation and call. First Nations’ storyteller Thomas King and saged storyteller Stuart McLean will share their craft through recordings. The United Church’s story will be considered through Scott Douglas’ play "Maybe One?". Students will practice the art of storytelling in preaching and explore the role of sacrament in the unfolding story of salvation.

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