Sacred Space

Calling Lakes Centre wishes to provide Sacred Space
where all are welcome to search, to question, to learn, to be challenged, to rest, to find the Holy within and around them.

What is sacred space?

Why is it important for us to create sacred space?

Calling Lakes Sacred Space Committee reflected upon these questions as they met this past year to consider ways of creating sacred spaces on both our grounds and in our buildings. A poem entitled "Sacred Space" by David Stanley Bell helped us identify that the elements and importance of Sacred Space included:


A place that welcomes people, draws us into ourselves and reconnects us to the divine at the core of our being where we can grow and thrive in the love and light of all creation


A place to rejuvenate ourselves


A place to draw the light of creation in with every breath


A place where we discern sacred action

With these understandings in our hearts we let our ideas for creating sacred space flow freely and then prioritized them. The ideas were then presented to the staff and the Board to help bring them alive. The following is a snapshot of the sacred space priorities that were generated and which we continue to work on this year:


The Echo Room has been redesigned with built in counters and art supplies to invite creative expression and a circular seating area to encourage small group visiting and silent reflection.

bulletThe fireplace in the main lounge now has an arrangement of candles which can be lit inviting people to relax and reflect.
bulletThe carpet on the ramp in the lounge has been replaced.
bulletCrocuses, tulips, narcissus and other bulbs were planted on the hill in the front lawn last fall. Already the dwarf irises are in bloom!
bulletCarved walking sticks will become available for people who want to hike and we are placing benches on the hill along the walking path and in areas by the labyrinth and outside the lounge where people can rest and reflect.
bulletNew signage will help direct people to the halls, the main entrance and the roadways.
bulletThe lower hallway will be painted and we will create a Green area that encourages sustainable living and a Historical Journey wall depicting the history of the Centre.
bulletImprovements to the lodge lounges so that people can relax and visit over a cup of tea in the evenings.

May all of us indeed experience the Sacred at Calling Lakes.

We thank Adele Heise, Betty Metzler and Darrel Reine for volunteering on the Sacred Space Committee and contributing time, energy and wonderful sacred space ideas.

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