Meet Our Innovative
Program Development Team

It takes a lot of creative and innovative minds to develop a wide variety of programs each year. We thought you might be interested in meeting our current Program Development Team who takes the ideas that our Program Task Group comes up with and begins the work of planning, developing, coordinating, advertising and facilitating them. Our Program Development Team is made up of the following creative people:

Linda Anderson devotes most of her time to her duties as Executive Director, particularly concerning planning, development and visioning new possibilities for the Centre as it moves toward environmental sustainability.
Marg Janick-Grayston works as Program Coordinator and is passionate about offering welcoming space and experiential learning processes that inspire people to grow and learn together in supportive community.
Catherine Barnsley is the Coordinator of the Designated Lay Ministry Program. She has a love of the church, a dedication to life long learning and a special expertise in distance education.
Sue Bland is a new contract staff person who is an artist, mother, author and life enthusiast with an interest in justice and collaborative programming with others.
Jenni Christoffel is a new contract staff person who focuses her energy on youth related programming. She is a designated lay minister in the United Church with a background in early childhood education and a passion for youth and family ministry.
Anne Bennett is our newest contract staff person who is developing our second intergenerational summer program called "Creation Vacation". Anne and her family have a deep love for the Centre and the Earth.
Anita Warriner has been the main person responsible for Summer at the Centre for numerous years. She is an organic farmer and music teacher with a fun loving personality.
Karen and Mike Hadwen have offered leadership in our youth related programs until recently. Due to their busy lives with their children and their work as teachers they have decided to scale down and bring their work at the Centre to a close. We have deeply appreciated their time and fun loving energy over the years and will miss them greatly.

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