Designated Lay Ministry Program
...braiding many ways of learning

Calling Lakes Centre and Five Oaks Centre (our sister educational centre in southern Ontario) are enthusiastic about the opportunity to offer the new Lay Designated Ministry (DLM) Program. This dynamic program of leadership development will equip those in our church who have experienced a call to designated lay leadership, and have been affirmed by the United Church of Canada through their presbytery to enroll in the program.

The development and delivery of this program by Calling Lakes Centre and Five Oaks Centre enhances the current rich program offerings of the Centres. The DLM program receives some M & S support as it prepares leaders of our church to move into the next decades.

The design of this program will braid together reflection on the practice of ministry in a presbytery appointment with educational supervision, learning in community at the educational centre, and complementary course work.

Presbytery appointments will be at least 50% time for three years. Learning in community involves participating in 6 ten-day learning circles at one of Calling Lakes or Five
Oaks during the three years. To complement their program, students will complete three additional courses through theological schools or other educational institutions.

The three components will all draw on the resources of the church and community:


reflective work in community


learning circles, and


complimentary courses.

As a pre-requisite for the program, applicants need to complete a Licensed Lay Worship Leadership Program or the Centre for Christian Studies Leadership Development Module and be appointed to a presbytery accountable position. Further details about the pre-requisites can be found on the web-sites.

For more information about the program, click here.
We welcome your interest!

Catherine Barnsley, Co-coordinator
Designated Lay Ministry Program, Calling Lakes 

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