Dreams Become a Reality
By Marg Janick-Grayston, Program Coordinator

There are times in the life of Calling Lakes Centre when we have the opportunity to see our dreams become a reality. And this year, there are two such dreams that I want to share with you.

    A Dream of the Past

Five years ago, the program staff at the Centre had a dream that they could offer a summer program where individuals and families of all descriptions would come together to explore spirituality in a fun and relaxing camp-like atmosphere.

In the initial years the few people who participated in "Summer at the Centre" had such a great time that they spread the news to a few of their friends. Each year, a few more people registered for the program and last summer was the first year that it filled to capacity. This year it is such a popular program that people registered early and we reached full registration numbers long before the early bird registration date.

As we celebrate this dream becoming a reality, we are now dreaming a new dream that involves having two Summer at the Centre programs each year. This year our second summer program is called "Re-connect: Enliven Your Creative Spirit through the Arts." It will provide another opportunity for families to come together to explore spirituality and arts with lots of music, play, laughter and relaxation. Like the first Summer at the Centre, it too may take time, patience, and persistence before it reaches its full potential, but like all dreams, it will be something to celebrate when it becomes a reality.

   A Dream of the Future

Dr. Parker Palmer writes of the importance of paying attention to ones inner life, and the need to lead with inner strength and vitality in the midst of changing times in the life of our churches and our world. The more we at Calling Lakes read Parker Palmer’s books, the stronger our dream became of being able to offer a "Courage to Lead Retreat" to assist spiritual leaders in renewing and sustaining their spiritual vitality, accessing their inner wisdom, offering leadership with professional integrity and fostering wholeness in the world. We now celebrate that this dream will also become a reality when we offer our first "Courage to Lead: An Introductory Circle of Trust Retreat" from October 14-18 with two skilled facilitators who have been trained through the Centre for Courage and Renewal. Like "Summer at the Centre", this program is also attracting much attention and is filling up quickly.

As you can well imagine, we find ourselves celebrating that the dreams which become a reality at the Centre are indeed the dreams that meet the interests and needs of the many people whom we serve, and we are most grateful for the many gifts that come our way as each program participant comes to the Centre to explore their spirituality in the presence of a welcoming and supportive community.


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