New Program Coordinator/Program Staff
~ Marg Janick-Grayston ~

Calling Lakes Centre is very pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has recently appointed Marg Janick-Grayston to the position of Program Coordinator/Program Staff, beginning September 1st 2007.

Marg will bring many skills developed through study and life experience. She worked as a Recreational Therapist for several years and learned a variety of adult education models that promoted physical, mental, social and spiritual growth. Marg’s knowledge and skills were further developed through her studies at St. Andrew’s College, with the Pacific-Jubilee Program in Spiritual Direction, and through her ministry with several multi-point pastoral charges. Marg indicated to the Search Committee that it has become extremely important for her, in both her volunteer and paid work, to offer processes that encourage learning, inspire insights and enhance self-awareness and self confidence.

Marg is a very familiar face at the Centre, having attended and shared leadership for a variety of programs. We have experienced her sensitivity, creativity, integrity and deep spirituality. We look forward to sharing the gift of Marg’s presence and leadership with all those who visit Calling Lakes Centre and take part in our programs.

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