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Called to Renewal Campaign (2011-2013)
A financial campaign to renew Calling Lakes Centre

For 60 years Calling Lakes Centre has operated as efficiently, effectively and as frugally as possible.  The Centre has been frugal out of necessity.  While a balanced budget has often been achieved, there have rarely been excess profits that could be put away for future large renovations and significant maintenance.  Several times over the decades, the Centre has had to adapt to unexpected expenses and changes in income by relying on its small reserves and by borrowing money.

The Centre can no longer continue in this way.  Its buildings, although solid, are now 60 years old and need significant upgrading so that they may serve the Centre into the future.  Operating the Centre with no reserves with no reserves puts an unacceptable level of stress on the Board and staff.





We have a huge dilemma!
 On the one hand, the Centre cannot be sustainable, either financially or environmentally,
unless financial resources are found for the following purposes:


The facilities need to be renewed and upgraded


The Centre needs sufficient financial reserves to eliminate its dependence upon credit


For future sustainability, the Centre needs to expand its current overnight accommodation so that it may
house as many people as the meeting rooms and dining room can accommodate


On the other hand, Calling Lakes Centre presently is a spirit-filled active education and retreat centre, a prairie treasure, that has been consistently supported by the faithful Friends of the Centre, UCW groups, and congregations.

The Centre not only provides its own creative, innovative and inclusive programming, it serves a variety of organizations, including United Church groups and events.  Its hosting clientele continues to grow, having served diverse groups such as the University of Regina teachers-in-training; the Bethlehem Church women's retreat; Health Canada training sessions for health workers on First Nations reserves; Tribal Councils; family reunions and special occasions; and, almost 25 years of the annual Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Youth Camp.  The Centre's relationship with First Nations people has become closer and more trusting each year.

Over the past decade, an average of 550 people have attended Centre programs each year.  Annually, another 1500 people have been hosted at the Centre, enjoying the facilities, the generous spirit and the community atmosphere found here.

We are called to the future!
A meaningful and dynamic future awaits Calling Lakes Centre as it moves onward.

The Board of Directors has authorized a three year financial campaign, beginning in 2011.  This campaign is supported and encouraged by the Conferences of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, recognizing both the importance of Calling Lakes Centre in the life of the United Church in the prairie region, and the necessity of using all our creativity, enthusiasm and hard work to achieve the goals of the campaign.  And so, we invite you to be a part of our Call to Renewal and give generously!

Ways to Donate to Calling Lakes Centre
  Click here to donate online
  Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) - contact the office to set up your automatic monthly donations for ongoing support of the Centre
  Credit Card - we accept MasterCard and Visa
                             - contact the office by phone - 306-332-5691 or stop in and see us
Cheque - mail us your cheque  (Calling Lakes Centre, Box 159, Fort Qu'Appelle, Sk  S0G 1S0)


Goals for the Financial Campaign

Phase I
Financial Security

      - debt reduction and establishment of a reserve fund 

Facilities Renewal, including:
     - Roofs and shingles for guest halls
     - Energy audit
     - Insulation and new siding for all buildings
     - New insulating windows for dining room
     - Plumbing
     - Interior renovations and upgrades, particularly for bathrooms  

Site improvements, including:
     - Grading and drainage
     - Gardens herbs, flowers, some vegetables   

Phase 2
Develop plans for expansion

Green energy production, including:
- Solar array for main building hot water
     - Installation of wind turbines or large solar arrays    

Phase 3
Facilities Expansion
     - The vision for this phase is to construct a new building that would enlarge the available overnight accommodation and make it possible to provide a variety of accommodation choices (single, double, family, group) at differing rates.

This phase will require significant expenditures exceeding a million dollars.



Perhaps you would like to proclaim a Calling Lakes Centre Sunday and send the collection from that day to Calling Lakes Centre.  We have a liturgy all ready for you, including a reflection.










Prairie people heard the Spirit and responded to this great vision long ago.
May we hear anew the call of the Spirit for our time.

Help keep this prairie treasure alive and vibrant by responding to

The Call for Renewal

To download our Called to Renewal brochure click here.

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