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Designated Lay Ministry
Diploma Program

Preparing Leaders
for Church Communities


Designated Lay Ministry Diploma Program Staff

Calling Lakes Centre is pleased to announce Jennifer Janzen-Ball  as the new DLM Diploma Program Coordinator!

Jennifer is a graduate of St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon, who was settled in a 3-point pastoral charge in New Brunswick.  Following her settlement charge, she moved to Toronto to undertake doctoral studies in Christian social ethics at Emmanuel College, Toronto School of Theology.  She will graduate with her PhD in November 2010.   

Jennifer has been working half-time at the General Council Offices for the last two years, designing and implementing racial justice workshops for ministry personnel.  Prior to that, Jennifer served in a half-time appointment at Eastminster UC for two years.  Jennifer also worked in team as National Co-Coordinator of the Student Christian Movement for 18 months.  She recently taught an introductory Christian ethics class at Queen’s Theological College (now Queen’s School of Religion).

Jennifer has a deep commitment to lifelong learning and to adult education practices. 

Contact Jennifer  here

Designated Lay Ministry Diploma Program Team

The DLM Diploma Program Team consists of up to 6 members of the United Church (lay people, Designated Lay Ministers, and members of the Order of Ministry) who offer various gifts and skills for education for ministry and development of the overall DLM Diploma Program.  The DLM Coordinator works closely with members of the DLM Program Team to review applications to the DLM Diploma Program, to develop the curriculum for the learning circles, and to review student assignments.  Members of the DLM Program Team may also be resource people for one or more learning circles.






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