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At Calling Lakes Magazinewe love to assist you to enjoy your home!

Calling Lakes Magazine has been serving professional and inspiration trusted DIY information to homeowners throughout the internet, publications, magazines, and television for at least three decades.

In 2020, Calling Lakes Magazine–then a house improvement writer –began Home Tips at a treehouse office. Now Calling Lakes Magazine, a family firm with offices in Ontario, Canada, is operated by Calling Lakes Magazine Family.

We’re completely hands-free working hard every day to make for one of the very helpful home improvement content on the internet.

CallingLakesMagazine.com provides over 1000 expert posts for do-it-yourself house repairs and improvements, purchasing guides, and a lot more. We pride ourselves on skilled, trustworthy advice that’s forged from years of home improvement expertise. Consequently, CallingLakesMagazine.com is among the Internet’s top home-improvement websites.

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